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About Us

Denzay International Inc.

Excellence, delivered at its finest form

Denzay International Inc. is an innovative and reliable sales & marketing company that is managed by young professionals having thorough knowledge and experience in trading and supply chain management. The company is headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, and is specialized in supply chain management of raw materials for textile, food, and Nonfood items etc. Taking quality, trust, and customer satisfaction as the main policy of the business Denzay International Inc. ensures that the customers receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

In the textile sector, Denzay International Inc. became a formidable player in the Jute industry and is regularly supplying a huge quantity of Jute yarns to the carpet manufacturing companies all over the world. High-quality jute yarns are selected for the customers which are durable, Eco-friendly, having high tensile strength, and above all being cost-effective.

Denzay International Inc., is an ISO certified company and supplies a wide range of food ingredients such as corn products, sweeteners, dairy products, nuts, pasta, olive oil etc. All the food products are delivered to meet the nutritional needs of the consumers in a healthy and balanced way.

Denzay International's team is working 24/7 to ensure on-time delivery and excellence in quality. Flexibility, passion, experience, and improvement is the driving force of Denzay International Inc.'s organizational policy.

Our Mission

To establish a durable and sustainable value in the supply chain of international marketing of the products and to keep the customer satisfaction at highest level.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to be a company of excellence, reliable, focused on the client and committed to the welfare of all its staff; based on values and ethical principles that are clearly manifested in high quality products and services, generating the best business opportunities all over the world.